Glenrock Rubber Products Pvt Ltd is one of the pioneer companies engaged in the manufacture and export of rubber moulded goods. Established in 1995 on the rubber flourished banks of the Meenachil River at Central Travancore in Kottayam District.

Glenrock has a professional expertise and technology to deliver the finest products to our clients.Our focus in delivering high quality rubber products like rubber mats,rubber tiles and industrial mats in rolls in India has helped us to stay ahead of our competitors in the fray. Today we have grown up to become a leading rubber tiles and mats manufacturers in Kerala, India.

The company caters to the specific needs of customers in rubber from all over the globe.It has achieved a commendable position in the global market. Innovative products in rubber is its hallmark, Glenrock has developed and supplied about 200 custom made products to customers all over the world. Company's products ranging from Holomats, Studmats, Stable & Cow mats, Gym & Playground mats, Oil resistant coloured & Black mats, Antifatigue mats, Health mats, Poultry mats, Golf mats, Dogs & other Pet mats, Pathway anti-skid Interlocking tiles, Horse runner & Side wall mats, Industrial mats and Studmats in rolls are well recognized and accepted by our customers worldwide. The patented Rubber Pavement Tile and Roofing Sheets are the latest innovative products in the line of High tech products.

In line with international standards, company has a full fledged R&D centre with in house testing facilities for all quality parameters requisite for rubber products. As an ISO 9001- 2008 certified Company; every precaution is taken with regard to quality from procurement of raw materials to the despatch of goods to the customers store.

A full fledged mixing unit with K5 Intermix, is the latest addition to the itinerary of advanced machineries in the Company's fold. Whatever is the customer's need, Glenrock has a solution in rubber whether it is kitchen spatula, musical stand pegs, traffic calming items like kerbs or humps or anything similar to this in moulded goods . We take challenges and accomplish it, to be in the forefront in our field of business.

We are happy to associate with you in developing products for your custom requirements


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